Kaalar Basmati rice

kaalar super basmati rice is widely acknowledged for its unique aroma and taste that make it stand out from other basmati varieties. Kaalar a well-known basmati area in Punjab [Pakistan & India] Kaalar belt is famous for producing excellent quality of basmati for last many decades.


Cacaolat is a high-quality cocoa milkshake with a unique taste, enjoyed by children and adults alike for over 4 generations. Its secret formula has remained unchanged since 1933, allowing the authentic pleasure of Cacaolat to be enjoyed every day.

Coco easy

Enjoy the freshness of cocunut. Stay safe, hydrated and refreshed.
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Estrella Damm

Estrella Damm is one of the largest beer producer in Barcelona, since 1876. The brand is the oldest in Spain. Now Damm is making Non Alcoholic beer with the advanced technique called ‘vacuum distillation’, and they are able to bring the percentage of alcohol down to 0.0% without changing the beer in any way.

Mitr Phol Sugar

Asia’s Number 1 leading brand, World class standard Pure Cane Sugar... with no bleaching powder. Mitr Phol Refined Sugar is produced from top cane breeds and standard production process approved by Ministry of Industry.